Co-Lin Career and Technical Education offers twenty-six programs to the students of Southwest Mississippi. Students of all ages have access to quality short-term training programs, national certifications, two-year degrees, certificates, and choices when it comes to career pathways and exciting training. Prior Learning Assessments are also available to the student to demonstrate what they have learned in their current career, life experience, military experience, etc. and translate that learning into college credit. Ask questions or set-up a tour, contact 601.643.8324

MAJOR or PROGRAM Location  Program GCIT
Automation and Control Technology W, N  T Y
Automotive Technology W  T  
Business and Marketing Management Technology   N  T  
Business and Office Technology W, N, S  T  
   Accounting Technology W, N, S  C, T  
   Administrative Office Technology W, N, S  C, T  
   Business Management Technology W, N, S  C, T  
   Health-Care Data Technology N C
Commercial Truck Driving W  C  
Computer Networking Technology W  T Y
Construction Equipment Operation W  C  
Cosmetology W  C  
Culinary Arts Technology W, N  C, T
Diesel Equipment Technology W  C, T  
Drafting and Design Technology W  T  
Early Childhood Education Technology W  T  
Electronics Technology W  T  
Emergency Medical Technology W    
Heating and Air Conditioning Technology W, N  C, T, WF Y
Hotel and Restaurant Management N  T  
Medical Laboratory Technology W  T  
Medical Radiologic Technology W  T  
Practical Nursing W, S
Precision Machining W  C, T Y
Respiratory Care Technology N  T  
Welding W, N  C, WF  


W= Wesson Campus      N=Natchez Campus      S=Simpson Center  C=Career   T=Technical    WF= Workforce Education  Y= GCIT program



What is the difference between Career Programs, Technical Programs and Workforce Education Programs?

Career education programs are designed to prepare the student for entry-level employment in a specific occupation. Co-Lin awards a career certificate upon successful completion of the curriculum.

Technical education programs are designed to prepare students for employment upon completion of the specified program curriculum. Students are then eligible to receive the Associate in Applied Science Degree.

Workforce education programs are designed to prepare students for employment or improve upon existing skills. Entry into any of these programs through workforce education does not provide college credit.

What is GCIT?

Majors & Training Programs

Through the U.S. Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) initiative, nine community and technical colleges from Mississippi (5) and Louisiana (4) have joined together into the Retraining the Gulf Coast Workforce through IT Pathways Consortium to address the critical challenges facing trade-impacted workers and to meet the high demand for IT workers in their regions.

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What is MIBEST?

MIBEST@Co-Lin is a program designed for people who have left school without a diploma. We are seeking to help students of all ages who have a desire to get their education back on track.

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