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The purpose of this program is to train students in all phases of cosmetology. Training includes one year of classroom and laboratory activities which are necessary to become proficient as a cosmetologist. The program is approved by the State Board of Cosmetology.

Instruction includes 230 hours of theory, 1200 hours of practical and 70 unassigned clock hours - a total of 1500 hours to be completed in a year.

Upon satisfactory completion of this training a student is eligible to request examination by State Board of Cosmetology to receive license. This course meets seven and one-half hours a day, five days per week.

Special admission requirements are:

1. Complete and have on file a Copiah-Lincoln Community College official application

2. Must have a transcript from an accredited high school showing graduation or satisfactory scores on the GED test, and/or a transcript from previous college attendance on file

3. Complete a Co-Lin Cosmetology Application on testing date

4. Take Cosmetology Aptitude Test (CSAT) and COMPASS Placement Test at Copiah-Lincoln Community College

5. If accepted, the applicant must attend cosmetology orientation/pre-registration.


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This program prepares students for the following occupations.The links provide information on each occupation including but not limited to job tasks, skills, job zone, and education. This information is provided by the O*NET program which is the nation's primary source of occupational information.
 Median loan debt incurred by graduates: $4,907.00