The Career, Technical and Workforce Division at Copiah-Lincoln Community College exists to provide skills to current and future employees desiring to acquire both credit and non-credit skills necessary for their career no matter their age, background, or skill set. We are dedicated to providing quality training designed to boost the growth of our workforce by approaching the task on many fronts.

For the student just completing their high school education or a wage earner looking to transition to a better job, Career and Technical Education is equipped to provide multiple pathways to a career.

Think about this:

  • Twenty-six programs available for students (See programs/majors list.)

  • Three campus locations: Wesson Campus, Natchez Campus, and Simpson Campus

  • Quality short-term programs that can completed from 8 weeks to 4 semesters

  • National certifications are available to students in most programs

Career-Technical education doesn’t end in the classroom. Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular programs and workshops to develop skills employers seek. For example, the Work Based Learning program allows students to work on the job related to their field, earn a paycheck, and earn college credit. This opportunity also allows employers to invest in the future workforce. 

Industry investment is crucial to the success of our workforce. Our career and technical programs depend on local industry to participate on field specific advisory committees. These groups are formed to encourage collaboration between educators and industry representatives, ensuring that the specific skills employers are seeking are being taught in the classroom. 

Contributions of time, input, and resources have meant an improved education experience for the workforce in the Co-Lin district.

Here are some examples of such investments:

  • Georgia-Pacific: Makes donation to Co-Lin’s internationally competing Robotics Team

  • ENTERGY Mississippi Inc.: Establishes a scholarship to award to a selected career-technical student.

  • Jordan Carriers: Collaborates with the Natchez Campus to establish a two-year Diesel Technology program

  • Nissan North America’s Canton facility: Donates two vehicles to Copiah-Lincoln Community College’s Automotive Technology Program to be used in training students.

  • Rogel Ford: Makes a donation of a vehicle and parts to Copiah-Lincoln Community College’s Automotive Technology Program.

For more information about CTE programs or how you can get involved, please call 601.634.8324.

Educating current employees is also a vital component to boosting our area workforce.

Workforce Education provides employers training opportunities that are designed to enhance an employee's performance and achieve organizational objectives no matter the size of the business. Consider these:

  • Training programs at little to no cost for your employees (Learn more here.)

  • Four full-time trainers on staff (Learn about our training staff.)

  • Dozens of part-time trainers on the Workforce Education team ready to provide training as organized by our coordinators

  • Training staff with over 40 years of combined training experience 

  • Extensive training list covering topics including medical, computer skills, safety (See our list here)

  • Training rooms available at 3 college locations: Wesson, Natchez & Simpson County. 

  • Trainers can meet with your people on-site or at a third party location.

Individual training programs which produce skilled workers are available for you to send a current employee or select a future employee.