As part of the partnership, the company offered off-campus lab facilities to the Diesel Technology classes while the new facilities at the Natchez campus are being completed. They have also agreed to provide resources to the college to assist in student learning.

This TAACCCT grant encourages students from diverse educational backgrounds including high school graduates, GED students, veterans, underemployed, and unemployed workersto pursue a new career pathway.

The program will use the MI-BEST teaching model, which provides two teachers in the classroom, with both having responsibility for students being two year completers. Major features of the MI-Best model include team teaching with a basic skills instructor and the technical instructor, an integrated curriculum to enhance basic skill competencies, career pathways to assist students with training and advancement, support and coaching through student barriers with assistance from the College Navigator, and employment transition for students. This integrated approach is a best practices that has proven to lead to greater success in the workforce.  In addition to the TAACCCT funding, Co-Lin will leverage funds through additional grant funding received from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to assist in the deliverables of this program.

Without the support of businesses like Jordan Carriers, the Natchez program would not be starting with maximum enrollment for its inaugural class. 

This is a great success story for Copiah-Lincoln Community College and Natchez/Adams County area.